Stephanie Minor

CEO of Success For Nonprofits

Push your nonprofit forward. Learn about the latest news in the world of nonprofits, explore tools that will enhance the way you operate, and access exclusive information that will take your nonprofit to the next level. 

Download these FREE tools to enhance the way your run your nonprofit. 

Make The Important Connections

Cheat Sheet: Connecting With Donors During Tough Times. 

10 ideas and guidelines for communicating with your donors and some best practices for adjusting your fundraising goals.

Adjust To These Extraordinary Times

Here's Why Phone Calls Are So Important To Your Covid-19 Fundraising Strategy

This pandemic has halted a lot of significant fundraising activities such  as events. But nonprofits can adjust by simply picking up the phone. 

My Story

Stephanie Minor

I have interacted with hundreds of nonprofit leaders from different parts of the country. As the Director of the Center For Nonprofit Advancement, I have seen first hand the way decision makers in nonprofits strategize their approach to operations and fundraising.

I have witnessed numerous nonprofits implement policy changes within their organizations that resulted in a lot positive results.

It is with this immersion and knowledge that made me realize that not all nonprofits possess the skills and the information to be successful in today's ever-changing world. 

This is why I started Success for Nonprofits. 

My Products

From ebooks to newsletters,  I make sure that you are equipped with the latest and best information about effective fundraising, efficient operational strategies, offline and digital marketing,  and much more.

Intensify Your Fundraising.

The landscape for nonprofits has changed.You have to constantly adapt if you want your nonprofit to reach its full potential. 

Get access to the information your nonprofit needs to survive and prosper. 

  • Based On Expertise​, you can't simply "google" the information I provide. Using , insider knowledge, in-depth discussions with fellow nonprofit experts, rigorous research, and years of experience,  I created products that that are unique and exclusive.  

  • Cost-Effective, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get access. I made sure that the information is affordable to make it accessible to small and medium nonprofits.

  • Proven Quality,  nonprofit decision makers that trusted my products have  greatly improved  their operations. 


Words of Appreciation by nonprofit leaders.

"Thank you for the actionable items! We weren't sure how to react to the crisis, but we knew we had to something. This guide is priceless. I can't believe it was free."

Armando Ehrenzweig

Get in Motion Entrepreneurs

"I have been feeling so stuck and trying to figure out the best way to move forward with all of the craziness going on in the world right now. This free guide really helped me snap out of it and remember who I am and what my purpose is!."

Shannon Shea

Elder Love USA

Celebrating Non Profit XO's Success

Nov 20 / Stephani Minor / NonProfits

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